Classical Conditioning Essay

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* * * * * * * * CLASSICAL CONDITIONING * * * * This paper will describe the theory of classical conditioning as well as describing a scenario in which one could apply classical conditioning theory to, and bring forth the scenario by showing illustrations of how this could be used and applied towards conditioning the subject. Classical Conditioning was also known as Pavlovian conditioning which was used in regarding changing a learning behavior. Classical Conditioning was or is a type of learning that was developed by Ivan Pavlov which would bring fame to his name. Pavlov experimented with food, a bell, and a dog which he found to be fascinating that the dog would began to salivate before he reached them with the food, so this brought on an onset of experiments to see what type of learning and animal or a dog would do before with the first sight of food. With classical conditioning there are circumstances that happen, then possible actions and then the outcome in which there could be positive emotional responses. In describing classical conditioning psychologists would begin with a stimulus that would trigger a response out of the subject. Unconditioned Stimulus – Unconditioned Response (before conditioning), neutral conditioned stimulus (no effect), and conditioned stimulus – conditioned Response (after conditioning). A scenario in which one would apply classical conditioning would be training a dog which is what classical conditioning is used for quite a lot; however a scenario in which I would use Classical conditioning could be teaching my granddaughter how to for a drink when she wants one instead of just grabbing up anyone’s cup or glass and drinking out of it. To describe a scenario in which I would use classical conditioning to change something into a learned behavior. So the scenario would

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