Classical Argument Paper

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12 Tests of a Researchable Topic Worksheet Can you turn your research topic into a Researchable Classical Argument Topic? Phrase your issue as a question: (Question here) (Example: How does the electoral college affect presidential elections?) Write one or two sentences explaining how your topic can be handled in this question. (I'll provide examples in RED.) 1. How is this a topic one that has not been resolved or settled?| 2. How does this topic potentially inspire research studies and analysis among professionals and/or scholars? | 3. If there is an aspect of controversy to this issue, how can you go past that and find an area to explore without immediately taking sides?| 4.Why does this issue interest you enough to inspire your audience to become interested also, and for you to eventually stake out a position in the paper?| 5. Do researchers perceive this as an important question?| 6. Can you find different categories to research, like the cause of the problem and possible solutions, or the historical record, or types of this thing and differing methods of transmission, or?? List some categories you'll look at here.| 7. Is this a safe issue for you? Not too risky? Scary? Will you be open to explore the important aspects? (That is, you probably don't want to choose a topic which gets you too upset or is too personally troubling because of some event in your past.) If it is personal, what can you do to get the necessary distance?| 8. What are three specific research questions that can provide quantitative and/or qualitative information?| 9. What are the types of main academic (scholarly and professional) sources you think you can use for information and analysis?| 10. At this point, what aspects of the topic do you think you won't end up using in the paper?| 11. How can you build perspective by showing the context in which this is

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