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Should the University of South Alabama add security to its campus, specifically around the residence halls? Claim: The University of South Alabama should add more security near resident halls. Reason: Because there is too much crime such as rape, aggravated assaults, and robbery happening around and in the residence area. Underlying Assumption: It is not safe for the students, especially those who live on campus. Audience: The University of South Alabama President, Administration of the students, and facility and staff Campus security is one of the most important things to have at a university in order to keep peace and order. The University of South Alabama has little to no security at certain times and places and consequently many incidents erupt. USA police department tries to “provide a safe and harmonious environment wherein our community can thrive” (Zeke Aull), but they do not try hard enough. The Huffing post, ranks the university as number 9 out of a total of 25 colleges, for the most dangerous in the United States. In November 2009 two incidents were reported both of armed robberies in the residential area. One of the incidents happened “at approximately 2:45 a.m. on Monday, November 9, a resident of Delta 2 residence hall reported that as he was walking toward his vehicle, a black male grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed him up against the dumpster in the parking lot. He then noticed that a second black male walked up to the area. While the victim was against the dumpster, he felt a hard object on his back. The men demanded his wallet. When he told them he did not have a wallet he was searched. The perpetrators then ran from the area” (USA Police Department). The following year, a total of 164 crimes were committed on the universities main campus. Within these crimes there were 6 forcible rapes, 6 aggravated assaults, and 58 burglaries. The
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