Classical Argument Essay

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Classical argument essay This day in age, our generation is fortunate enough to live in a time with technology advancements that may guarantee knowledge if used correctly. However, it is theorized that because we have these advantages we are not as smart as the generations lacking these technologies. The technological advancements given to us today do not make us the “dumbest generation.” Instead it makes it easier to find textbook information and leave the complex thinking to us. Mark Bauerlein states that “life has never been so yielding, goods so plentiful, schooling so accessible, diversion, so easy, and liberties so copious,” (Source 1) in other words we have too many advancements. However, the technology we have today does not make us smarter or dumber than past generations. With the lack of technology, those who did not have computers or phones were forced to memorize the information they learn rather than be able to just look it up and instantly find the answer. The advantages we have now give another way of educating ourselves. The two generations in fact should not be compared. There are different definitions of dumb that should be put into consideration. As Sharon Begley suggests, “If it means ‘holding the least knowledge’ then he has a case.”(Source 2) The students of our generation are not used to memorizing textbook information. It is not necessary to hold in information that can be pulled up on the internet and may be more accurate than the information coming from one’s memory. She also states that “IQ scores in every country […] have been rising since the 1930s.”(Source 2) An IQ test generally measures one’s ability to analyze and think about the situation at hand. Thus, Generation Y, our generation, is better at using prior knowledge and putting it into real world situation than other generations. Still, this does not make our generation any
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