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I really learned a lot about classical music by taking this class. Previously I never would have thought I would actually enjoy any type of classical music. Classical music has given me a better understanding of music in general because of all the elements and work put into even one piece of classical music. I have learned to listen to music and figure out the emotions behind it. Music is not created on accident. It is created with emotion behind it. I have also learned that composers try to convey their emotions through their music. They try and have the listener feel the same feelings that they do through the music they create. It can tell stories about the composer and because of that it makes me more interested in the music itself. Some of the composers we learned about are Antonio Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky. I have grown to appreciate the pieces that they wrote and have listened to in class. When we listened to Spring by Antonio Vivaldi I learned a new appreciation for classical music. My favorite composer was Beethoven. It amazes me that he was deaf. I cannot believe that he created such great music without being able to hear it. I realize that his music can be very relaxing and soothing and allows you to sit back and wonder about the composer who made it. With all the work that goes into writing a song like Beethoven’s, it would be nearly impossible to do that blind. From all the concerts I have also learned new information about instruments and musical compositions that I’ve never known before. At the electronic ensemble they used so many cool instruments that I have never seen before. I really enjoyed learning about them by listening to the selections. By seeing concerts like that one, I really realized the variety of music. My opinion of all types of music has changed from this class but especially my view of

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