Classic vs. Human Relations Approach Essay

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Submitted by: 11217300/201021021081 | Group Market Research Project | Subtitle: literature review | | | For: Sandra Turner& Li Cheng | Date of Submission: March, 2013 | Word Counts:2476 content 1. Introduction 2 2. Current situation of egg consumption market 2 3. Egg problems at this stage 3 3.1 More ordinary eggs while less brand eggs 3 3.2 The lack of deep processing 4 3.3 The quality problem of the eggs 4 3.3.1 Illegal use of veterinary drugs 4 3.3.2 Microbial contamination 5 3.3.3 Heavy metal pollution 5 4. Countermeasures to improve the quality of the egg safety 6 4.1 Strengthen the management and perfect the standard system 6 4.2 Strengthen the research and development of egg deep processing. 6 4.3 Strengthen the information service and increase brand awareness 7 5. Factors that affect consumers to purchase 7 5.1 Income and Price 7 5.2 Brand 8 5.3 Packaging 8 6. Market Trends 9 6.1 The change of purchase way and purchase location 9 6.2 Safety and traceability 9 6.3 Change the way of processing 9 7. Conclusion 9 Reference 11 1. Introduction China is one of the largest producers of the egg in the world and eggs are mainly used in domestic consumption (Ning, 2011). Egg consumption has an important significance to improve people's diet structure and food consumption level. Egg has become a popular animal protein sources which means cheap and high quality in daily table. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for food is no longer limited to the satisfaction of the number, but more concerned about the quality of the egg products. According to the survey, the result shows that more than 20 percent of the respondents regard food safety as the most important characteristic when purchasing eggs (Maruyamaa, 2000). At the same time, people pay more and more attention to

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