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Student’s name Instructor Course Date Passion and Culture in Wild Style Introduction Wild Style film is considered to be the pioneer of the Hip Hop motion picture production where it featured prominent figures in this industry like Grandmaster Flash (Gale). The film is about a local graffiti artist whose works are tremendously unusual. The film spins around the living standards of the Bronx, entirely. The film depicted the growth of urban cultures as of music and graffiti. Zoro’s relationship with Rose, a fellow artist in the film, is also a major theme as it is a concern for the character as he develops his art. The culture development in the film depicts how the development of modern culture struggled during their birth and corruption of such at that age would mean no culture today. There is more than just music to be learned from the film of Wild Style that is highly attractive even today. Many more people can learn from the characters that were used, their behavior and so forth. This after all is the purpose of creating films, to educate people about a certain subject that is familiar to the eye but understood differently by the minds. Talents are Developed Through Popular Culture Culture is a fashioned way of doing things that define a certain group of people. In this case, the culture is Hip hop that can be described as having minor subcultures that define it in the entity; Graffiti, Djing, Break dancing and MCing (Gale). In the film, Lee Quinones acting as the character of Zoro is a graffiti artist whose neighborhood, the Bronx, is the source of hip hop culture. In fact, Hip hop was confined to the generation region, that is, the Bronx (Staff). The Dixie Club was featured in the (Wellman) film and was where the performers would showcase their talents or show (Rosen). This is the same way that people come to form a community, and the

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