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Many people feel as if the public school system does not fulfill its requirements to preparing students for the real world. One improvement that I think schools need to make in order to better prepare students for life after high school is to add or create a course, for grades 9-12; that will explain the advantages, and disadvantages that may occur in the real world. This course, would give students a perspective by real people's past and what they have gone through. These guests , will explain their lives in the real world. This class will be an enormous amount of help to our high school students. I believe that students pay more attention when some ones telling their life story to them in person. For the School board to concur this improvement would be tremendous. What would be included in this class, or course would most likely be information about local and many other colleges, and applications for scholarships or places like Financial Aid. Giving students this sort of information can help aid them to be successful and be interested in their education. Also, This course will also include hands on experience with hearing what real life people have to say about their life after high school. Having these hands on experiences will astonish students, and maybe even inspire students to have a similar experience. On the contrary, hearing peoples mistakes after high school may display an example of what not to do in the future, and can better improve their perspectives. In addition, the course will teach students how to budget their money and enhance their skills. By conveying the responsibilities they may encounter in the future. For example, handling house hold bills, paying off school loans, groceries, miscellaneous, and etcetera. This improvement is well needed mostly because as I, and many other people feel, the Public school system is not doing quite

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