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1.The first thing that needs to happen to solve the problem of poverty is to weed out government corruption. But there are charities, like the Philippine Aid Society, that are fighting poverty and one way to help be part of the solution is to support these initiatives. 2..Everywhere you go and not just in the Philippines, there is an incidence of poverty. It only so happens that the case of the Philippines has been highly sensationalized and focused internationally. You have to consider that the Philippines has been under the occupation of different conquering forces which has shaped the way it is now. The wealth of the country has been concentrated to a few wealthy/rich individuals and families. Add to this the fact that since the 1960s, the country has been in the process of economic decline attributed to the political front. Going back to your question, one solution is to spread the wealth to more Filipinos. However, this is easily said than done. At this point, the only way is to have a revolution in spirit and action. Each must contribute and this can only be achieved if everyone's self interest is put aside and the interest of the nation is placed in the front seat. A charismatic leader with a vision is one way to spearhead this transformation. 3. Solving poverty is a problem that faces governments and people the world over and it is a difficult task to take on. Trying to pinpoint a particularly way to deal with the problem is very difficult, but there are things that could be done to try and solve the issue. * Charitable donations For people who do not exist in poverty, it is very easy to forget how lucky you are and to take the things you have for granted. However, a lot of people donate to non-profitable organizations and charities in an attempt to make to try and combat poverty. Anything from financial donations to giving away material

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