Class and Ideology Essay

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Final Paper My Thoughts on Ideology and the Class This English class, specifically Ken McGraw's English class, had quite an effect on me. I really liked how the discussions of ideology expanded my interpretation of the world as i see it. Everything i see from being with my family to reading fiction books has changed in my eyes. Something that i really enjoyed was coming to class, and hearing everybody else's views on what ideology is. It was different to each person and i guess that is kind what the definition of ideology is. Its the set of beliefs or ideas that individuals or groups have. I noticed that in the beginning of the semester, no one really spoke up about what their thoughts were (except for me), and towards the end, almost everybody had something to say. When Ken first started explaining ideology, i have to admit that it was a difficult concept to grasp. It was kind of like trying to explain what love is, because the definition of love is different to each individual. It was interesting however, because even though Ken was trying to teach us that ideology has a broad meaning, or a specific meaning to each individual, he was really teaching us what ideology meant to him. The discussions we had were great because everybody would put their simple two cents in, and then there would come Ken with his difficult and twisted, although sensible theories. I could tell that no one really knew how to apply the notion of Ideology at first, until the semester was well on its way and we had read a few short stories. After a few of stories and kens thoughts on them, i started to learn by listening to the discussions. I never knew that there could be so much meaning behind the simplest things. Although i enjoyed learning about ideology from interactions with the class and Ken, what was most fascinating about my educational experience was what i took out of
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