Clash of Cultures Essay

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Clash of Cultures Nino Gray HIS/110 Bitter is an under statement to describe the reciprocity between Native American Indians and the English Colonist. Some believe that from the very moment the Colonist occupied inhabited lands and renamed it to Jamestown that the animosity began. Issues became much more complicated with the debut of the West African slave trade. With the integration of the three cultures, problems were soon to follow. With numerous cultures, there are several differences with many fine lines when it comes to rituals, religion, and cultural differences as a whole. These problems began to surface more between Native American Indians and European Colonist. The Colonist were primarily Catholics and Protestants as opposed to the Polytheistic views of the Native American Indians in which all living things and spiritual beings were worshiped. Most West African practiced their Demi and Ultimate God views in private, but some West Africans practiced the black art of Voodoo and practiced the religion of Muslim in deep secrecy. During this age of time the Colonist would force some of its Christian Views on the Native American Indians and West Africans, and in return they would save themselves from torment and possibly death. Since the English Colonist populated and established this land they named Jamestown, it became a grievous historic scar due to the cultural differences. During these first few years of the establishment of Jamestown commodity wise issues were ok, but a time came when sickness, diseases, and more importantly hunger arose. To some historians this period of time in Jamestown was known as the “Starving time” ("Jamestown Settlement And The "starving Time"", 2012). This period during “Starving Time” had became so harsh that only 38 of the original 144 European Colonist survived, and with the population of Jamestown still stricken

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