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I would like to start by introducing myself; my name is Markale Simmons, a seventeen year old female! The first in my family to go off to a University directly following high school graduation! A young person with drive and ambition to not only live my dream but help other teens live theirs! Now to the topic at hand. I believe that Clark Atlanta University will prepare me for future leadership by opening my eyes to the keys of truly being successful in my future career; as a teen and family psychologist. I came upon this conclusion while reading the missions’ statement for Clark Atlanta University. “Its purpose is to prepare a diverse community of leaders to excel in their chosen endeavors and to become responsible, productive and innovative citizen leaders, locally and globally.”…show more content…
Reading the mission and vision statement was the winning statement for me to chose Clark Atlanta University for my higher level of education, because it screams dedication, honesty, and trust and reliability. Just few traits that I believe one must have as they blossom into an adult and future leader of this world. Clark Atlanta University’s website is also another reason why I believe this University will prepare me for not just my future but a SUCCESSFUL future. My opinion is the Clark Atlanta University puts so much passion and heart into the material that is displayed as representation of what they stand for. For instance the Clark Atlanta University’s 2011-2013 strategic planning process pages’ subtitle “Pathway to a secured future…” The subtitle made me think of a quote by Zig Ziglar which states “You were born to win, but to be a winner; you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win.” One needs a plan in order to truly accomplish their dreams and goals in life. To have a whole page about a strategic plan is truly amazing, shows pride in the

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