Clarisse's Death In 'Fahrenheit 451'

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Symbolic Death Adrienne Schaub period. 4 In the book Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, Clarisse’s death symbolizes the carelessness in the society. The reason why Clarisse is dead is because she was by speeding car. The river hit Clarisse for a feeling of excitement, ignoring her sense of being. Clarisse’s death shows the ignorance and the inhumane cruelty in the society. The ignorance in the book can e portrayed through Guy Montag’s wife, Mildred. Mildred fits perfectly into the society, because she is just like everybody else. She watches T.V. all day long, hates books, and doesn’t have one bit of curiosity towards knowledge, unlike Clarisse. When Montag revealed to Mildred that he had been hiding a couple of books, he read some pages to her and she said, “What does this mean? It doesn’t mean anything! The Captain was right” (Bradbury, 68).Montag had…show more content…
Mildred said, when Montag was reading books, “Beatty, he’ll come in, and burn us and the books!” (Bradbury, 68). By Mildred saying that Beatty would burn his co-worker, and friend, with his wife, over a book, is very inhumane. Although books are illegal, taking a torch to someone is not a fair way to punish a person. Beatty is even more inhumane and cruel when he lights the match, and starts the fire to the woman with all her books. Beatty had no problem with burning the old woman, and her precious books, because he ignited the flame. Clarisse was never harsh like Beatty. Clarisse was sweet. She was carefree and enjoyed nature. She also did not care to be like anyone, “She didn’t want to know how a thing was done, but how” said Beatty (Bradbury, 60). Clarisse was a curious girl and hurt for knowledge. But all of these traits noted her as anti- social, and was banned from school. But she knew she was not anti-social, she was really kicked out cause she was a threat. She didn’t fall into the governments trap and become

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