Clarisse's Character In 'Fahrenheit 451'

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A Teenager’s Input Clarisse is a very young teenager in the book Fahrenheit 451. The book is about a Fireman named Guy Montag. Montag has been a fireman for years. Montag has Never questioned his job of burning book or the society he works in until he meets Clarisse. Clarisse motives and values and character represent something different Than what they should and the other people in the society that she lives in. Clarisse Is young and not like the rest of the kids, curious, and a pedestrian. So Clarisse must be killed or silenced. Clarisse is young and not like the rest of the kids. Clarisse is very different. She don’t kill people. All of the other children her age kill people.…show more content…
In the classes They never ask questions they just run the answers to you. She don’t run around Shouting or acting wild. That’s not in her character she is more mellow and cool. Or she dot go around beating up other kids. She isn’t violent. Other kids are more Violent. She does things the old way. Not like the kids her age do now. For example She does all the shopping and house cleaning by hand. Clarisse is curious and a pedestrian. Clarisse is curious as to who people are And what they talk about. She ask questions, (kids kill each other. Did it always Use to be that way?).Clarisse is such pedestrian she likes to walk around and Feel the rain. Clarisse is different. Being a pedestrian is against the law. Being a Pedestrian allows you to think and wonder, be curious. In her society she is not Allowed to think or be curious so this makes her so different. Clarisse likes to walk About at all times of the night. This is what makes her a pedestrian. Clarisse ask a A lot of questions. She wants to know did the fireman always be like this? Did they Burn books back
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