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Clara’s day To analyze this short story it will be necessary to examine the following points; the setting, a character sketch of Clara, and lastly we will discuss the sudden ending of the short story. The theme will also be presented and lastly we will look at how teenagers deal with their problems. The theme of this short story could be many, yet I would say that lack of attention and puberty might be the central ones. Geographically the story takes place in London. This we read on the second page, when Clara, the main character, is reflecting upon the noises from outside. I also assume that her school is for girls only, since she on the first page only describes herself passing through the lines of girls, and because of the fact that the teachers and principle whom we are presented with, all are females. Therefore, we could imagine that this short story may have taken place in the 1900 where girls’ only schools may have been much more common. However, the fact that Clara has a conversation with the Head about the divorce percentage may indicate that it could be in our present time as well. “It was very hot, everyone young had bare legs…,” this indicates that it is summer. Their financial situation seems to be just fine; Clara’s mother has a job as dentist receptionist. One could discuss whether the setting matters in this short story. For me the answer would be yes, it defiantly matters considering the theme. The fact that Clara’s mother has a job with flexible hours, yet her daughter feels the lack of attention could be very problematic. Now going further to a character sketch of Clara we can go in depth with the choices that she makes and why she makes them. First, let us begin with the very first sentence “When Clara Tilling was fifteen and a half she took off all her clothes in school assembly.” For most teenage girls this would be transgressive. When

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