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Michael Young Gary Names English 1010 16 November 2011 Clara Ward An old helpless old woman was treated badly at a food court downtown were I used to work. People use foul words and threw her out because she smelled bad. My experience with the old lady reminds me of “The Welcome Table “by Alice Walker (1994). Clara Ward was treated badly at church despite hypocrisy she was not moved because of her faith in Jesus. The fact is this Woman stopped in a church and gets treated with bad words and unjustness. The white people won’t her thrown out because they are racist Christians. This could be because they all feel uncomfortable about having someone of color among them or feel that this is their place of worship and she invaded their privacy. The white people people are stunned when they see her near the entrance of the Church and are curious of what to do. They all have a different point of view of the old lady; some take her in as she is, an old black woman with a mildewed dress that is missing buttons. Other’s look at her as black workers, cooks, and the others see her as black mistresses or jungle orgies. Most of all they look at her as a foreshadow of what to come, black people invading the one place that is still considered the white people sanctuary, the Church. They see her and start to be afraid because of her presence and won’t her dismiss at once. The point of view switches to the usher who tells the old black lady to leave. The point of view switches back to the white woman inside the Church, who takes it a personal insult and feel the most threatened about the old black woman being in their church. Then they rouse their husbands to throw the old lady out. The white woman was happy and scornful after the old woman was out of their church. The old woman was not a happy camper when they threw her out the church. Suddenly, she saw something that made

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