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Clara Barton, 1850 December 25, 1821 - Clarissa Harlowe Barton is born in North Oxford, Massachusetts, the youngest of five children of Stephen and Sarah Stone Barton. | 1825 - 1836 - Gains an education by attending local schools and home tutoring from older brothers and sisters. 1833 - 1835 - Cares for brother David Barton, injured and bedridden following a fall from a barn roof. 1836 - Noted phrenologist L. N. Fowler advises Clara Barton's parents to have her teach school. May 1839 - Passes examination and begins teaching career in district schools near Oxford, Massachusetts. 1845 - Establishes a school for the children of her brothers mill workers. April 19, 1846 - Sister, Dorothea (Dolly) Barton, dies. 1850 - 1851 - Spends…show more content…
Like many people of the Victorian era, Miss Barton also has interests in faith healing, astrology, and spiritualism. December 1903 Butler, Pennsylvania - Typhoid Fever Epidemic. Clara Barton travels to the scene, distributes supplies, and then turns the relief project over to local authorities. 1904 Publishes A Story of the Red Cross. May 14, 1904 Resigns as President of the American National Red Cross, in wake of mounting criticism of her management style, ability and age. April 1905 Establishes the National First Aid Association of America and serves as honorary president for five years. The organization emphasizes basic first aid instruction, emergency preparedness and develops first aid kits. Ambulance brigades are formed in conjunction with police and fire departments, as well as in industrial settings. 1907 Publishes The Story of My Childhood. Miss Barton intends to publish a series of short autobiographies detailing her life. This is the only volume she completes. April 12, 1912 Clara Barton dies at her home in Glen Echo, Maryland at the age of 90. Burial follows in the family cemetery plot in Oxford, Massachusetts.

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