Clairvoyant Song Analysis

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The first song would be played at 1.1.300-459, “The Clairvoyant,” Iron Maiden. When the song plays Teiresias, The “clairvoyant” one is explaining to Oedipus that the truth will harm him more than it will help him. “The Clairvoyant” is about the misery of a psychic in having to see and tell the future. The meaning of the song is basically a description of a Soothsayer and the fate they collectively meet because even though they can see the future they might not always see their own or their friends’ downfall. The following lines from the song depict this image. “Just by looking through your eyes He could see the future penetrating Right in through your mind See the truth and see your lies But for all his power couldn’t foresee his own demise…” The second song would be played at Exodos. 1185-1260. “Amma,” Yesudas. This song translates into a story, one which is vague but has the main focus on the singer’s mother. The Chorus translates,” Mother, Mother, how long I have waited to see you and for you to finally nurture me as a son. But now look at what I’ve done, I’m unworthy. I cannot see you, I cannot hear you and I cannot bear the sorrow in your eyes.” And of course it sounds odd in English but that is the gist of the song. The act is about what happens after Oedipus finds out he married his mother. The song depicts the sadness of the singer who has done something terrible; this can be applied to the scene where Oedipus stabs his eyes out after the death of his mother because he can no longer bear the sorrow. The last song I would play in the Antistrophe 2. “My Medea” Vienna Teng. In the Antistrophe, Oedipus asks for death because he blames himself for the ruination of himself, his wife, and his children. In the song,

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