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Fact Claim Essay: Who is to blame? What makes a student successful? Some would say success is based on the determination of the student or how well of an educator a teacher is. However, modern society is evolving and focusing on the family unit as being a highly influential factor in the academic career of a student. A person spends between 12-16 years of life in an academic environment. Researchers are examining various theories as to why students may or may not be in school and in furthering their education. However, many people are beginning to feel that the parent(s) of a student are responsible for the academic success or failure of their particular student. One role that parents need to play in the success of their child is enforcing the lessons the child has learned in school at home. By doing simple things like going over the work and making sure the students comprehends the material, and by correcting his or her homework is a helpful way for the parent to enforce the school lessons. In a publication by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company known as MetLife “Nine in ten teachers (88%) and principals (89%) believe that strengthening ties among schools and parents is very important for improving student achievement” (MetLife 2010). Many parents do not take the time to review a child’s homework and by doing this simple procedure many parents would be able to help their child succeed better in school. In 1992 the National PTA held a summit geared to discussing parental involvement. One of the speakers Joyce Flood of the Illinois Board of Education spoke on a review of “The relationship between parent involvement in the home and student achievement."She pointed out by saying, “The research is clear: parental involvement in the home raises the level of academic achievement of students!” (Arnold, 2010). In another study researchers examined the
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