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Ck12 Biology Essay

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Ch. 1.1 & 1.2 Vocab
Sunday, August 19, 2012 1:12 PM

Chapter One: Dependent variable-variable in a scientific experiment that is affected by another variable (called the independent variable) Evidence-any type of data that may be used to test a hypothesis Experiment-special type of scientific investigation that is performed under controlled conditions Hypothesis-possible answer to a scientific question; must be falsifiable Independent variable-variable in a scientific experiment that is manipulated by the researcher to investigate its affect on another variable, called the dependent variable Model-representation of part of the real world Observation-anything that is detected with the senses Prediction-statement that tells what will happen under certain conditions Science-distinctive way of gaining knowledge about the natural world that tries to answer questions with evidence and logic knowledge/knowing Scientific investigation-plan for asking questions and testing possible answers Scientific law-statement describing what always happens under certain conditions in nature Scientific method-the process of scientific investigation Scientific theory-broad explanation that is widely accepted as true because it is supported by a great deal of evidence Chapter Two: Adaptation-characteristics that help living things survive and reproduce in a given environment Biodiversity-the variety of life and its processes; including the variety of living organisms, the genetic differences among them, and he communities and ecosystems in which the occur Biology-science of life; study of life Biome-group of similar ecosystems with the same general type of physical environment Biosphere-part of earth where all life exists, including land, water, and air Cell-basic unit of structure and function of living things Cell theory-theory that all living things are made up of cell, all life functions occur within cells, and all cells come from already existing cells Community-all of the...

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