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Protecting Our Church and Family Week 3 From Violence By: Sheena N .Long October 23, 2011 CJS/250 We are always at risk, though we cannot live our lives focused only on our protection and security. Churches have been in the news a great deal lately as people have been increasingly hostile toward people of faith. Churches have historically been places of sanctuary for everyone, even the disenfranchised poor. Places where people congregate are more susceptible to security issues. Even a mall can be a dangerous place. Security is often not adequately trained for situations that may arise, such as bombings, arson or shootings. Countermeasures such as Neighborhood Watch programs and creating a safe plan for employees can be difficult to employ in this setting. Therefore, it is up to each individual store to create their own safety plans and procedures to prepare for these unlikely but serious situations. Churches are scrambling today to find ways to become safer and more secure for their members. I feel that emergency preparedness for churches has changed over time. Emergency preparedness for these facilities used to mean response to severe storms or fire by providing shelter to displaced persons. Now, people of faith may find that they are subject to personal attack when they attend services. An example of this happened in March 2005, when a Wisconsin man went to attend services as usual. Instead, he opened fire and killed seven people in the church during services and then turned the gun on himself, taking his own life. Such events seem unbelievable, but they are more and more prevalent in recent years. We can prepare and protect ourselves for such an unexpected event, which helps reduce our overall stress in our daily lives and makes us more appropriately responsive if such an event occurs. Develop a violence response plan. This involves

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