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DQ 2 Week 1 CJS/334 What is a variable? Explain the difference between an independent and a dependent variable. Provide an example of each. A “Variable” is something that is measured, controlled, or manipulated. They might operate in one of two ways when it comes to research, either as a “dependent variable,” or “independent variable,” it is usually known by either letters or numbers---A variable is anything that has the ability to change or vary in characteristics or properties. A variable commonly represents the unknown if my thinking is on track An “independent variable” also known as “predictor” variable, is a variable that can be manipulated or changed. In an experiment in order to observe the effect on the dependent variable and it can stand on its own. The dependent variable is uncertain as its outcome is reliant on the reaction of the independent variable---this is why it is called a “dependent variable” because it is dependent upon the “independent” For equations such as y = 3x – 2, the dependent variable is the “Y,” which depends upon the value chosen for “x.” On most occasions the dependent variable is normally isolated on one side of the equation. With the above equation the independent variable is the “X”. Examples: 1. There was a Study to see if television violence increases aggression in children. D.V. aggression in children I.V. television. Violence 2. There was a Study predicting that alcohol drinking will decrease people's reaction time while driving. D.V. Peoples reaction time I.V Alcohol drinking DQ1 What are the differences between qualitative and quantitative research If my understanding is correct Quantitative Research is used to determine the problem by way of producing statistical data or data which can be converted into functional statistics. …., Quantitative Research is only derived from numerical analysis
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