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JUDICIAL REVIEW CRJS 275 V41C CONSTITUTIONAL LAW WESTWOOD SCHOOL OF JUSTICE 04/05/2014 Judicial Review: the power of U.S courts to examine the constitution of actions undertaken by the legislative and executive branches of government. The Supreme Court claimed power for judicial review in 1803 Marbury v. Madison, in which the court ruled that a particular provision of an act of congress was unconstitutional. Judicial Review reflects on the level of scrutiny which is closely to the nature of the challenged statue, whereas the courts aggressively protected their power, the power of juries, and the power of the national government. Judicial assertions were intended only if there were clearly unconstitutional statues or statues violative of natural law being invalidated carefully probes judicial reasoning and its application to statutory and constitutional law. Judicial review protected the sphere of power of the judiciary and the jury from legislative interference. In addition, for the Federalists, it ensured that state legislatures did not overstep their bounds in ways that implicated national power, while…show more content…
Wade was assumed that the woman terminated the pregnancy but really it was for medical advice as well as a decision for her to make. The Supreme Court should handle abortion rights up to the woman’s decision to a certain point. The liability of the fetus where it’s too late to abort and the State has the right to involve themselves in the situation. Issue: terrorism The Supreme Court should handle terrorism carefully and cautiously and shouldn’t violate the 8th amendment which states “excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted”. They should effectively do thoroughly searches, evidence, research without violating any right. References Treanor, W. M. (2005). JUDICIAL REVIEW BEFORE MARBURY. Stanford Law Review, 58(2), 455-562. Retrieved

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