Cjs 210 Week 2 Essay

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Jeffrey Salguero 7/7/2012 CJS/210 SEAN BEELER Police departments and other policing agencies must be well trained and organized not only with a proper understanding of personnel but also an understanding of the geographic area they are assigned. Every officer and squad of officers is responsible for an assigned area of operation in a well-defined location. Geographic areas are referred to as beats or posts, sectors or zones, and or precincts. In the larger police departments that have numerous precincts, the precincts may be located in a central location together to form a division. (2005 Wadsworth) By the organization of police departments according to their area, it allows for more reoccurring interactions between the officers and the people they are charged in serving. The “beat or post” is the smallest assigned area that a single patrol unit of one or two officers in a patrol car or on foot can patrol proficiently. A beat may be a combination of or a single foot beat, patrol car beat, mounted beat, motorcycle or scooter beat, or even bicycle beat. (2005 Wadsworth) This type of area of patrol is one of the smallest and therefore the most professional standard must be upheld of all the area’s that are patrolled by the officers. It allows them the opportunity to get to know the people and the surrounding of their assigned areas of operation and form a strong relationship. Next we have the zone or sector, which are going to be a group of beats or posts. Last is the organization of the area by precinct and this is all the post, beats, zones and sectors combined. In the smaller departments you will have only one precinct serving as the administrative headquarters for the entire department, but in the larger cities you will have a large number of precincts that are mapped out throughout the entire city. Once these areas are mapped out for patrol and monitoring you

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