Cja454 Week 2 Individual Assignment

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Community Problem-Solving Paper Criminal Justice Administration/CJA454 Manchester Kentucky is a small town that had a problem. With no more than a few thousand residents, little to nothing as far as businesses, slim to nothing as far as employment opportunities, a plethora of people living off of government assistance, and a severe drug problem that was not rivaled in any other portion of the state. The people of Manchester lived in their city as it slowly transformed from existing as a place that was beautiful, although struggling, into a place that looked like garbage and was inhabited by garbage. Drugs began to take over the city and the city barely standing as it as was needed saving before it collapsed on itself. The people of Manchester understood this and knew that if they did not take action their city would not make it under these circumstances. The community began to attempt to solve problems themselves and teamed with law enforcement officials to make this happen. In this paper an attempt will be made to delve briefly into the efforts of the community as they teamed with local law enforcement to create an initiative that was successful as the community attempted to solve their problem. The drug problem in Manchester had grown to the point where each person that was individually met had someone in his or her family or knew someone close that was addicted. Crime was up, petty crimes of theft and simple assaults were up, crimes of murder had risen, and the city was desperate. Community outreach programs began to set up at local churches. There were hotlines created in the preparation that addicts could call anonymously if they wanted help. There were centers created to take in those whom everyone else had refused to help or had given up on. The local police agreed to make extra drive-by at night to watch over the centers; and because these began to

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