Cja 454: Criminal Justice Management Theory And Practice

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Community Problem-Solving Paper CJA 454- Criminal Justice Management Theory and Practice Community Problem-Solving Paper Living in such a higher up end of the community one may think that there is not a lot of crime that can happen around here. I currently live in Southern California, a small community that has more security guards outside the houses than you would see in a mall. Just as many thought the crime that does happen this community is known as the petty theft crime. Someone breaking down your gate or trying to get on your property to swim in your pool when you are gone on vacation is the type of crime we personally deal with. Block watch is a program that was started to allow neighbors to look out for neighbors and to help prevent crime. Block watch aims to get citizens involved in discouraging and preventing crime at the local level. The ultimate success of Block Watch depends largely on a commitment to cooperate between area residents and the police,…show more content…
If there is an occasional few that do gain access, it has been make very clear through the police department as well as the wathc program that there is a no tolerance for such action and charges will be pressed against them immediately. Hanging around the gates would not be tolerated either and will be thought as taking action to the police. This initiative using residents and the police working together worked to clean up our neighborhood. We will continue cleaning up our neighborhood with Block Watch events and activities. The Block Watch program builds on these facts. By simply getting to know the neighbors around you, you will be well positioned to recognize someone or something that is suspicious. When neighbors work together, they can combat crime in their area the most effective way, before it starts. Block Watch encourages active participation in crime

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