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Research Process and Terminology Paper Danielle Williams CJA/334 April 23, 2012 Paige Gordier Introduction Research is perhaps one of the most important elements that could take place within the criminal justice community. The process of research can break a case wide open however it could also completely shut one. There are several different forms and methods used to complete the process of research. Throughout this paper we will look at some of the different methods and terms used in the process of criminal justice research. Qualitative and Quantitative research methods and the use of them on a very wide scale will also be discussed. A closer look with a more detail prospective will be given. The Science of Research The readings of the week unveiled many different forms and methods of research that are commonly used but are not often used the average person. It offered assortment of information and explained the steps that should be taken in order to complete a research cycle and why they were used. It seems that in today’s time the research methods used with in the criminal justice…show more content…
While they both are similar in ways, they differ in many ways as well even while relating to each other. Qualitative research deals with the benefit of the research. Quality is a short a term way to explain qualitative which basically means is the research provide value and substance. The information gathered plays a very important role in cases for trials and data research. Data that is collected for correctional use such as rehabilitation and other forms of institutionalized trainings are applied to qualitative research. An overwhelming amount of this type of research is used throughout criminal trials because the evidence that is collected must be substantiated. Whether a trial is won or lost depends on the credibility of the research that is entered into
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