Cja 314 Week 2 Assignment

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Successful Communication CJA 304 February 18, 2013 Dennis Santos Successful Communications People using nonverbal communication to communicate messages do not use words or speech. They use gestures, touch or even body language. Verbal and nonverbal communication affects communication in different areas. Verbal and nonverbal communication affects police situations, courtroom settings, correctional facilities and juvenile facilities. Nonverbal and verbal communication can affect the areas above in different ways (Academicwritingtips.org, 2011).Verbal and nonverbal communications affect the process of communicating in all conversations among all individuals. Information presentation is important for ensuring that the receiver understands the portrayed message. Communications in the criminal justice arena in general must maintain professionalism, effective listening, efficient feedback, and appropriate information. Police situations such as public announcements to the press, courtroom settings in regards to testifying, correction facilities including employees, peers, inmates, and juvenile facilities pertaining to employees, peers, and inmates are all examples of specific areas within the criminal justice system affected by verbal and nonverbal communications discussed here within. This paper will highlight the verbal and nonverbal communications involved with police situations, courtroom settings, corrections facilities, and juvenile facilities. All officials including law enforcement must be selective with the information they provide to the press especially when pertaining to a criminal investigation. Presentation of that information is also an important aspect to remember. Tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions impact this presentation in a variety of ways. All three of the aforementioned items can have a huge impact on any
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