Cja 304 Week 4 New Technology

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New Technology Mobile data terminal and live scan technologies affect the communication capabilities of specialized databases in the criminal justice system. For instance, mobile data technology assists officers with day-to-day problem solving and access to federal, county, and state records in real time. The technology is used to obtain a person’s identification; it also has the capability of bringing up mug shots and maps. Mobile data terminals consist of the use of the internet while officers are on beat. Moreover, live scans linked to mobile data terminals can be effective with connecting offenders to crimes by the results from their fingerprints. Live scans are used for many things such as background checks for employment, licensing, and to obtain a VISA. New technologies mobile data terminal and live scans create effective communication for the criminal justice system and aids with speedy problem solving. Around 1990 mobile data became a part of commercial applications. Mobile data that was used was PDA and cell phones for text messaging; however, mobile data started to disappeared. Instead, organizations started to offer better packages like mobile data that could be used nationwide. PDA’s, cell phones, and laptops are a big source for the criminal justice system. They have effectively broadened the communication system for law enforcement overall. For example, cell phones and laptops can be used to retrieve and send information to anywhere at any time of the day. In addition, the use of broadband assists the criminal justice system with mobile data such as mug shots, fingerprints, and reports. Agencies even have hot spots so officers can upload important documents such as reports, and retrieve, or report incidents (Dispatch magazine on-line, n.d). A few of the benefits for mobile data terminal are the radios are secure, for example, the radios cannot be
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