Cja 304 Technology And Communication Research Paper

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Technology and Communication Jason Bruins CJA/304 February 5, 2012 Timothy J. Anderson Technology and Communication Regardless of boundary and time, technology helps fuel the decision making process by providing it with information. For human interaction to take place communication technology is a necessity. Communication technology plays a very important role in disseminating and acquiring information. For the human civilization process to work technology is important. Communication technology is defined by (Rogers 1991) as “the equipment, the structure of an organization and the social values that have been experienced by individuals when collecting, processing and exchanging information with other individuals.” Within the criminal justice system communication plays a crucial role as to convey information that is important, about matters that are or may be in question concerning certain cases as to resolve a crime that is complex, especially in court; therefore, in order for the exchange of information to be understood clearly among the professionals within the criminal justice system effective communication is required. Technology never stops growing and being developed we get smarter…show more content…
As technology advances, many new ways of communicating have opened. We live in the communication world of faxes, cellular phones, and internet access. The combining of communication and technology brings integration, immediacy, collaboration, and access. Technology within the criminal justice is nothing but good in fact I cannot find anything bad to say about it, criminals are easier to identify, find, and prosecute more than ever before due to essential forms of technology. The easier it is to identify the criminal the easier it is to get that criminal of the street essentially making the community a safer place to live in. We can only hope that as technology improves so does our standard of
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