Cja/203 Week 4 Essay

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The Affects of Communication Capabilities on the Criminal Justice System and it's Capabilities CJA/304 University of Phoenix Mr. Geoghagan Zach Vanderpool Since the inception of man it has been important to stay one step ahead of the opposition. The rules in which are governed as “law” are of the rules of those in power. The idea of law enforcement as being a force of good is a disgusting display of one's belief that the present time is the apex of human civilization. At one time it was seen as lawful to throw Christian's to hungry lions in a game of entertainment. Years later the top ranking Societies on earth persecuted those who were not Christians and burned them in the name of God. Today you see the pendulum swinging again in the direction of that of ancient Roman civilization as Religious persecution has never really gone to the wayside, and the ideals of society are not that of a specific moral understanding, but that of current cultural acceptance through social engineering. In the early days of the industrial revolution we saw advances in production and farming. The population growth of wester civilization was encouraged to increase the amount of workers needed to produce a quick evolution of European model western civilization. This also brought the educational system of creating workers capable of following orders, remembering tasks, and being followers. This has decimated the promotion of free thinking and true education, and developed standardized tests and education to the polar extreme of the Jeffersonian model. Throughout this time period the demand for technologic growth was seen as necessary despite our naturally intended evolutionary process through that of which is revealed by science. The development of the Computer System saw the invention of “biometrics”. This technology can see the single

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