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Brian Jackson CJ299 Feb 6 2013 When I first started this program I was so scared I didn’t know what to do I have not been in school in over 17 years and I thought my brain was just going to blow up when I started and I first it was hard and then as the time went on it because easier and easier to get back into the grove of things. I first had to learn time management and that was very hard for me to do between my two kids and my job and doing mentoring in the evening I was stressed a lot about doing work and discussion boards and keep up with class work. But with the help of my classmate and my 14yr old I made it through. I became more determined to do this because of my job situation and my kids I wanted to better myself for my kids and that’s what drives me to get this degree and get a better job to better take care of them and myself some disapprove or me going to school at this time including my own mother but again I decided to do this on my own the educational program that I have taking has helped me a lot on my job search in this field I have worked with a Juvenile probation officer some in my home town and working with him and the kids is really what make me want to do criminal justice as a career so I can help the kids that are in need and try to better my community with less crimes involving kids under the age of 18. Working with kids is my main focus of this degree it will help me get into probation and that will allow me to work with kids of all ages and I can help them in many ways some with behavior problem and attitude problem we have groups of kids that are in my home town the local Juvenile probation office holds for the kids that need help weather is court appointed of a behavior problem. My professional goal is to become the probation officer for the county that I live in and then on the CSI is my top goal. My assessment of this

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