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Best Practices of Technology Integration Title: Contributions of Ancient Civilizations Applied to Multimedia Subject(s): Social Studies Intended Grade Level: Sixth Grade Description: In this unit, students will create multimedia presentations that will demonstrate knowledge of early civilizations. These projects will be used to enhance student collaboration of information and impact the learning of other students in the classroom. Students will build on the skills used to conduct research through a variety of resources. Students will learn to put facts together in an interesting format to convey a message while keeping the attention of an audience. Students will learn important information regarding copyright issues. Narrative: The use of technology will enhance the teaching process by providing the teacher with all the benefits associated with using the various technological tools. Current best practices in the teaching process would be enhanced by the use of technology. Students will be active in the gathering, synthesizing, and evaluating of data. The teacher will be a facilitator for this process. The use of a computer as the main tool for all aspects of the projects will enable individuals to be creative while working in groups to produce a product as a team. Students would be engaged in a great number of activities related to use of available technology: word processing, data basing, spread sheet usage, Internet research, graphics production, and multimedia presentation production as they develop their presentations. Specific activities will include nearly all of the areas above but are not limited to these as the projects will be somewhat open ended to encourage creativity and divergent thinking. The use of the computer will empower students to achieve a high level of quality in their productions Curriculum Benchmarks : State of

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