Civilian To Soldier Essay

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Civilian to Soldier Antonio Bedford Strayer University PSY 100 Civilian to Soldier Looking back and thinking about everything I have done in the past years, I had to choose the most challenging experience of my life. I thought about high school and my classes. I thought about certain jobs and moving out of the house. I even considered my year in college, but only one event in my played a major roll in changing my life and that is basic training. When I first got to basic training, I really did not know what to expect but I learned quite a bit while I was there. I learned to pay closer attention to the smaller things. I picked up on how to work quicker under more stress. I began to set personal goals for physical fitness and dieting. The last thing I will mention of many things I learned is the organizational and leadership skills instilled in me by my drill sergeants. Overall I learned that there is a big difference between the civilian side of life and military life.. Learning to pay closer attention to the small things was not so hard in basic training. In the first three weeks, the drill sergeants cracked down hard on me. They instilled what the army refers to as “attention to detail”. The way they accomplished this is by having me do corrective physical training, write papers, or give us counselings whenever I missed something even of the smallest concern. They would correct me on the way I talked to those who outranked me, my diet, my physical training, how fast I moved, and the cleanliness of my living area. Needless to say I was almost OCD by the time I graduated. Learning to execute things quicker was not so hard, either. One prime example that comes to mind is how they had me running everywhere; after chow to formation, after physical training to the showers, and to classes at the battalion classroom. In the first

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