Civil War Studies Essay

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HIST 150 – Prof. Brady Review Sheet for Final Exam Manifest Destiny- the expansion of the west Overland Trail- pony express trail and went through colorado Utopian Communities- Shakers Brook Farm Mormons Transcendentalists- against religion and political parties Ralph Waldo Emerson- led the transcendalist movement Middle class Cult of domesticity- four values women have purity piety domesticity and submission Family planning Slave holders, paternalism in South Upper class women of South Martin Van Buren Anti-Prostitution Rise of Popular Politics Insane Asylums and Prisons Election of 1824 Dorothea Dix Whigs- congress over the president AntiSlavery and Abolition Democrats Amer. Colonization Society John Q. Adams- Black Abolitionism John C. Calhoun- Frederick Douglass Henry Clay Harriet Tubman Elect. of 1828 Soujourner Truth Andrew Jackson William Lloyd Garrison Rise of Common Man The Liberator Jackson’s Inauguration Theodore Weld Spoils System Amer. Anti-Slavery Society Kitchen Cabinet Harriet Beecher Stowe Nullification Crisis Liberty Party Bank War Women’s Rights Movement Nicholas Biddle Grimke Sisters Species Circular Act Seneca Falls Convention Rise of Whigs Lucretia Mott 1840 Election Susan B. Anthony William Henry Harrison Elizabeth Blackwell Americans in Texas Wilmot Proviso Stephen Austin Election of 1848 War in Texas Zachary Taylor Alamo Popular Sovereignty Santa Ana Compromise of 1850 Sam Houston Stephen Douglas Republic of Texas Fugitive Slave Act Anthony Burns Texas Annexation Election of 1852 Election of 1844 Winfield Scott James K. Polk Franklin Pierce Acquisition of Oregon Kansas – Nebraska Act US-Mexico War “Bleeding
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