Civil War/Reconstruction Test

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Civil War/Reconstruction Test 1. What was the major characteristic of the Southern economy in the mid-1800s? A. commerce B. agriculture C. industry D. ranching 2. Which statement best describes Lincoln’s sentiment as expressed in his “House Divided” speech? A. There would be a civil war between the North and South B. Congress would continue to compromise about slavery C. The issue of slavery was weakening the United States D. Slavery would be outlawed in Illinois 3. Which of the following was not an issue leading to the start of the Civil War? A. Slavery B. Tariffs C. States’ Rights D. Emancipation Proclamation 4. Which of the following individuals was not an abolitionist? A.…show more content…
California, Maine B. Missouri, Kansas C. Maine, Missouri D. Kansas, California E. Texas, Missouri 27. The strategy used by the Union to restrict the trade and importation of weapons into the South through the use of a blockade was called ____________________. A. Bleeding Kansas B. Total War C. the Anaconda Plan D. the March to the Sea 28. William Lloyd Garrison was an abolitionist who published a newspaper in an attempt to end slavery. It was called __________________. A. Uncle Tom’s Cabin B. The North Star C. The Liberator D. The Black Codes 29. When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, _____________________ took over as President. This man was almost impeached by Congress for trying to rebuild the nation without much input from Congress. A. Stephen Douglas B. Andrew Johnson C. Andrew Jackson D. Fredrick Douglass 30. Most Civil War soldiers died of A. disease and poor medical treatment. B. food poisoning. C. land mines. D. nuclear weapons. 31. Which state was the first to challenge tariffs, the first to secede from the Union after the election of Abraham Lincoln, and the last state to reenter the Union? A. North Carolina B. Virginia C. Pennsylvania D. South
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