Civil War Reconstruction Essay

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Reconstruction after the Civil War U.S. History to 1877 American Military University Reconstruction after the Civil War After the American Civil War, the Reconstruction epoch commenced. The Civil War was most imperative occurrence in American history because the continued existence of the United States as one realm was in danger. The outcome of the war depended on the homelands aptitude to convey to realism the principles of freedom, parity, individual self-respect, and validity. Eleven Confederate states withdrew from the Union and the South was in communal, financial, and biased chaos during this time. The Union made a decision to regain order in the Confederate states by employing a contentious reform strategy. The Freedman’s Bureau was formed one month following the official conclusion of the Civil War, on March 3, 1865. It was produced as an effort to launch stability in the South. The foremost intention of the agency was to aid unchained slaves with provisions, medicinal treatment, relocation, and creating schools. It was also responsible for dispersing 400,000 acres of land, on Georgia’s Sea Islands and on the coast of South Carolina, among the free slaves. Later, the army was ordered to provide mules to the men which later became known as “forty acres and a mule.” Congressional Rebuilding was the era when congressional Republicans and Radicals managed the modernization process in the South. Andrew Johnson’s Presidential Reform had permitted ex-Confederate leaders to reclaim authority in southern state governments prior to the Republicans taking control. When the elections in 1866 led to two thirds majority of Republicans in both houses of Congress, he lost control of the Reconstruction. Presidential Reconstruction ended in March 1867 when the Fortieth Congress returned. The

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