Civil War Reconstruction Essay

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The reconstruction of the South after the Civil War may be just as important as the war itself. There were scandals, panics, and questionable elections that took place during this frantic time. The main goal of the “Reconstruction Era” was to build the South back up and restore it to the Union. After the North withdrew, Grant ran for reelection and won against Horace Greeley who believed in many reformations. The people weren’t ready for reforms, so they elected Grant as their president. Shortly after the election, many scandals began to emerge from the woodwork. First of which was the Crédit Mobilier scandal. This involved the Union Pacific Railroad and the Crédit Mobilier of America Construction Company in their building of the First Transcontinental Railroad. The Crédit Mobilier shares were being given as cash bribes to congressman. This scandal took place before Grant’s election, but word of it came out after, which tainted his administration. In addition to the Crédit Mobilier scandal, the country was faced with the “salary grab”, the whiskey frauds, and many other bribes and examples of the corrupt government. Also, the country was suffering a financial panic, and a depression was on its way. One other example of the corrupt government was the disputed election of 1876. The republicans chose Rutherford Hayes and the democrats named Samuel Tilden. Both candidates had a bitter campaign. The democrats thought that Tilden had won for sure, because the electoral votes were so close, he had 184 votes, one less than majority. Hayes had 165. Florida, South Carolina and Louisiana sent in two sets of votes, one set had Tilden winning, and the other had Hayes. After dispute, the electoral commission announced that Hayes won the election with 185 votes against Tilden’s 184 votes. After a month in office, Hayes withdrew the last federal troops from the South, which in
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