Civil War Diary Analysis

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Dear Diary, This has probably been the worst time in my existence. I have done things I am not proud of and I’ve hurt people very close to my heart, my family. The gruesome battle between Union and Confederate will forever be imprinted in my brain and I wont be able to get the images out of my mind. I shudder just by the mention of the word “war”. I remember going into it when I was only 21, “fit as a fiddle” they called me. I joined in line with many others wanting to be part of the fight against the southern states possibly meeting my death. As they had me enlisted I looked around me. People had this look on there face, scared and in pain, I could not understand it at all. When turning around I asked if we would have any kind of training,…show more content…
On July 21, 1861 we all lined up on the other side of the Confederate troop. Sweat was dripping down from my face and it smelled of terrible odor. Everyone was dirty and needed water by the time we had arrived there. Looking across the field, someone caught my eye that looked familiar, my brother was on the other side. Cursing under my breath and shaking my head I get ready to meet my fate. I bowed my head and prayed to God me and my brother would be alive and that we wouldn’t have to kill each other. But I fear, there is no God here just death. We draw our weapons and begin firing at once, the bullets hitting the body sounded like thunder and shattered their bones in a blink of an eye. Blood started flying everywhere, and the once green grass now became a pool of dark red blood at our feet. I hear someone shout, “May God be with us all”. For many people that was all they had by their side hoping they wouldn’t be the one to die out of many on this field today at this moment in time. Looking around again I see our face and uniforms covered with blood stains as well. Panicking, I hid in the trees that were to the left of me just trying to stay alive as I look around and people were dropping like flies. My body started to ache and shook with fear at the thought of that being me dead next to everyone in a pool of everyones

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