Civil War And Recontruction Essay

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January 13, 2011 Affairs of the Party i. Log Cabin Campaign * IN 1840 Martin Van Buran was the current president. The log cabin campaign was going on between him and William Harrison and John Tyler as his running mate and their rival Martin. * William Henry Harrison didn’t do much in the office because he died after getting into office. His running mate Tyler took his place. * The log cabin campaign- * The reason this campaign came was because a democratic editor tried to portray William Henry Harrison as unfit during the election. Once he was elected he took that portrayal as a source of pride. * The Whigs begin to attack the current president Martin van for having a failed presidency. In 1837, the oppression occurred. Panic in 1837 people begins to call him Martin Van Ruin. ii. Jacksonian political Culture * JAcksonian Political Culture- The war dealt more with the ideas and values that American had that was only interpreted in different ways. * The Republican Party was born on July 6, 1854. Republicanism had 4 concepts: 1. The ultimate goal was the promotion of the common wealth 2. In order to promote the public good the citizens within the political party much be willing to exercise Civic Virtue which is citizens had to be willing to subordinate their own private interest and act only on the public good. 3. IN order to be virtuous citizens had to be independent of the political will of other people. 4. IN order to guard against the would be tyrants citizens had to perform their duties as citizens meaning they need to vote. (Power/Liberty) iii. Liberty and Power These people believe that they must gain liberty and power. Meaning they must have control or influence over someone or something. When the British use their power for the wrong reason eventually they will lose their liberty and then their

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