Civil War Essay

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In the 1860s America was divided, a civil war exploded from the roots of the south after the heated election of Abraham Lincoln as president, the threat of the abolition of slaves and the growing economic superiority of the south. The American Civil War was a sectional combat. Roots in political, economic and social elements made it complex and hard to determine a winner in most battles, although the south had won most of the battles since most of the war was fought in the south. It was a war between the United States of America (Union) and the Confederate States of America. The tension between the torn nations made it the deadliest and most destructive of all American wars, the first modern war on the continent, and the only conflict in the United States history to be fought entirely on the nation’s soil. It has been remembered as a struggle to preserve the union and a northern battle to emancipate slaves and end the institution of slavery forever. Many influences and past events can be blamed for the cause of the civil war, but in the end it came down to a war of racial conflict, a war to free African slaves and end the slavery institution forever. Abraham Lincoln’s election as president just prior to the war established a resentment to Lincoln himself mainly in the Southern States. There was a central issue regarding the 1860 presidential election; slavery. Lincoln’s strong beliefs in abolishing slavery made him very popular in the Northern states but for the South of America, the states that which heavily relied on slaves for economic stability created a difficult barrier to enable Lincoln to be successful in the election. Although Lincoln collected less than 40% of the votes nationwide, he won a landslide victory in the Electoral College. This election is to be seen as one of the most momentous in American history, he started his presidency at a time of

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