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Brandon Durr History 320 February 16, 2012 Dr. Hood Book Report 1: An American Iliad The Book An American Iliad, was written by Charles P. Roland, and published by the University Press of Kentucky in 2004. The structure of the book is describing war from somebody else’s point of view. The authors main themes and arguments in this book are, the nation being at war with itself, why the American Civil War was the first modern war, the most significant military battles, war leadership, and the resulting national ideals that emerged from the war. I will be talking about all of these things in my book report. The author Charles P. Roland describes a nation at war with itself but stating that the Civil War was a war between the United States itself but in reality this war was still going on after the war was over. The Civil War was a battle between the Confederates and the Union armies. Most people think that this war was mainly over slavery but really it was over slavery, trades and tariffs, and the doctrine of states rights. The Confederates were the Southern part of the nation and the Union was the Northern part. Even though I said slavery was not the only part of the Civil War it might have been the biggest part. The Confederates were very much pro slavery, and the Union was not per say anti-slavery because Abraham Lincoln had slaves and he was a Union leader, but they were against how the slaves were being treated in the south compared to the north. Another reason the Civil War started was the fact of the north and the south having different economies. The south was very much agricultural and needed more farming and things like that, which also is what made the slaves more useful in the south. In the North their economy was much more factory driven and things of that sort. These economies being vastly different is one of the main reasons the

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