Civil Rights Movement: The Red Power Movement

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Red Power Movement The Red Power Movement was a major turning point for the lives of many Native Americans living in American. The movement was bought upon to have self determination and have their own identity, which is different from the American identity. In order to have the self-determination they need and have their own distinctive identity they had started the Wounded knee. Even though American has the civil right movements and hopes to have create equality among different groups of people, the civil right movement could not believe that Indian had not been integrated in the the bottom levels of American society. Whenever Indians had tried to clarify their position, their arguments would be pushed away and not to be heard. Looking…show more content…
Native American had their own belief, and ideologies that they had created coming to America, while African American beliefs were already established and created. African Americans had more rights and were treated better than Native Americans had been treated. While the civil right movement was more of a domestic , the Red Power Movement was more of a international movement. The betrayal felt by the Indians in January when they read the administration’s response to the Twenty Points went a long way toward the making the settlement of the Wounded Knee crisis more…show more content…
If the Indian had believed into the ideology of the civil right they would not have the identity, that they have as of now in America. With the Treaty of 1868, many Indians had felt that the loss of lands, loss of traditional tribal government and police brutality could be resolved. The Indians had gone through a lot of betrayals with many social and government policy that they weren't able to trust anyone at that point. With the Red Power Movement it had lasted seventy-two days and was bought to an end by Hank Adams, who had negotiated the settlement of the occupation of the Bureau of Indian Affairs building In November 1972. In November 1972, it bought the Wounded knew protest to a successful conclusion, and also “ marked a historic watershed in the relations of American Indians and the Western European peoples.” “ In demanded Independence for the Oglala Nation, the people at Wounded Knee sought a return to the days of pre-discovery, when the tribes of this land had political independence and sovereignty, they sought the recognition by the nations of the world of their rightful status as nations in the community of nations.” With the civil right movements, it wouldn't help them but only make them lose their land and American Indians were not even really that known and had the importance, they were only associated with the whites. The

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