Civil Rights Movement Essay

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Civil Rights Movement The Civil rights movement is one of the most important events in black history. Martin Luther King made the world aware of the discrimination and the extremely bad treatment there were happening towards the blacks, with his, now worldwide known speech, I have a dream. However, before Kings speech people didn’t quite do anything to stop this hatred for the blacks. Junius Edwards, who is a famous writer from that time, wrote the story Liars don’t qualify. The story is about a black man, who is being exposed to racism as he tries to register to vote. Which was a thing very likely to happen. Another thing there went on in this dark period was The Mississippi Burning by Chris Gerolmo, a movie there is based on a true occurrence, where a gathering of white people (some members of the KKK) are willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of the blacks in their town. In Junius Edwards’ story about a man named Will Harris, he describes how the two men who are working at the voting office, Sam and Charlie, just provokes Will. “Charlie,” he said. “Yeah, Sam,” Charlie said … “Charlie. This boy here says he come to register.” “You sure? You sure that’s what he said, Sam?” … “You sure? You better ask him again, Sam.” “All right, Charlie. All right. I’ll ask him again,” (P. 221, LL. 3-8) Sam and Charlie are acting as if Will wasn’t presence and making sure that they ask him everything more than once. However as soon as a white man walks in to the office, Sam and Charlie turns into two completely different persons. Just then, Will heard the door open behind him, and someone came in. It was a man. “How you all? How about registering.” Sam smiled, Charlie looked up and smiled. “Take care of you right away,” Sam said, and then to Will. “Boy. Wait outside.” (P. 222, LL. 17-22) They serve the white man before the black man, Will, who is told to wait outside.

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