Civil Rights Argumentative Essay

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Argumentation Essay What are civil rights? Civil rights are the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. During the year 1942, the United States Government had one of the biggest migrations in history. They had relocated 110,000 people that had Japanese ancestry, from their homes along the pacific ocean of the west coast into relocation centers, more towards the inland of the west coast. They were relocated because, of the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters, as a surprise military strike for the U.S Pacific Fleet from interfering with the decisions of the Japanese Empire. This had happened on the morning of December 7, 1941. During these relocation times, Japanese-Americans fought…show more content…
For example, in the book “Farewell to Manzanar”, by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, every family had a part of a barrack or shared a part with another couple(s) or other family. “Each barrack was divided into six units, about sixteen by twenty feet, each the size of a living room, with one bare bulb hanging from the ceiling and an oil stove for heat. We were assigned two of these for the twelve people in our family group; and our official...” As you read the quote taken from the book, you can see that the residents of the relocation centers were provided appropriate shelter along with a source of heat. Another example, that the Japanese-Americans were provided furnishing as well as housing is also found in the article, “RELOCATION of Japanese-Americans War Relocation Authority Washington, D.C. May 1943”, “Housing is provided for the evacuee residents of the centers in tarpaper-covered barracks.... The only furnishings provided by the Government in the residence barracks are standard army cots, blankets, and small heating stoves. One bath, laundry, and toilet building is available for each block of barracks for each of blocks of barracks…” Not only did they have shelter, they also had beds, blankets, heating equipment for each part of a barrack. They also had shared a bath, a laundry washing building, and a toilet with the parts of the barrack and one of the barracks next to them. So the government did not only follow the civil rights- they also gave more than necessary to the
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