Civil Rights Activists: Who Was Malcolm X?

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Who was Malcolm X? Malcolm X was one of the most prominent civil rights activists of not just American history, but of the world. He is regarded as high as Martin Luther King Jr. However, there is one significant difference. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. reached peace and civil disobedience like Mahatma Gandhi whereas Malcolm X called for action (however not to an extent like the Black Panthers where violence would takeover.) Death On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was beginning to speak to an Afro-American Unity Meeting when one man shot him in the chest with a shortened shotgun and another two came and shot him sixteen times with a pistol. Malcolm X died at 3:30 P.M. shortly after arriving at the hospital. Eyewitnesses identified the killers as Thomas Hagan, Norman 3X Butler, and Thomas 15X Johnson, all members of the Nation of Islam. They were charged and sentenced to prison. Muslim Mosque Inc. When Malcolm X came back, he had a new attitude towards whites because he found out only western influenced areas were where racism was present. He created Muslim Mosque Inc. which purpose was to work with other organization for Black Muslims and non-Black Muslims to work together to improve Black peoples…show more content…
Many exciting things happened to him there. He learned about true Islam and that Caucasian people are not savages. He was made a Guest of the State. He even met Prince Faisal, leader of Saudi Arabia; ironically, both would be assassinated because of political-religious reasons. After performing Hajj, which all able-bodied Muslim must do, Malcolm X took a tour of Africa for a few weeks before coming back to America. Everywhere he went people loved him because he fighting for Black rights. That or they liked him because they thought he was Muhammad Ali when he was actually trying to explain that he was Muhammad Ali’s friend (Muhammad Ali was a celebrity of the Muslim

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