Civil Rights Essay

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To what extent was the Federal Government responsible for improving the status of black people in the United States years 1945-63? The Federal Government did not play a big part in improving the status of Black Americans. It was more a series of Groups and events that took place that all helped to build towards this “improved status”. As far as Presidency in Federal Government goes, there was not anything that made a significant change done by any of the three Presidents, however some Presidents showed glimpses of them trying to help or showing interest. Truman met with NAACP leaders however did not show very much involvement. However In October 1947, “To Secure These Rights”: The Report of the President's Committee on Civil Rights was produced. This was a plan that said how Truman thought black equality could be achieved. Truman also was responsible for desegregating the armed forces. However, the full desegregation of the military was not considered complete until July 26, 1963. This was a full fifteen years to the day after Truman's initial executive order had been issued. The Civil Rights Act of 1957 was introduced in Eisenhower’s presidency and was the act that kick-started the civil rights legislative programme. However, He never publicly gave support to the civil rights movement because he believed that you could not force people to change their beliefs. In the Brown ruling in 1954 Eisenhower showed no support and said that appointing Court Marshall Earl Warren, who supported Mr Brown, was, ‘the biggest damn fool mistake I ever made’. John F Kennedy made some bigger changes than the previous two presidents did, however it can be argued that his changes were not of a great significance to the improvement of Black American status. JKF employed 5 Black American court judges, including Thurgood Marshall, this is probably one of the biggest

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