Civil Rights Essay

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The civil rights movement for racial equality in the American South was one of the most significant and successful movements in history. Although this may be true, many people neglect the struggle black communities had to face in the North. However, Martin Luther King Jr., along with other organizations, acknowledged the inequality in the North and set out to make a change. The March Against Fear, also known as the Meredith March, Black Power, and the Chicago Freedom Movement illustrated the shift to the North. Martin Luther King Jr., Stokely Carmichael, and Muhammad Ali were key figures in this shift and the anti-war movement. The March Against Fear was set up by a man named James Meredith. The purpose of this march was to protest against racism and it extended from Memphis, Tennessee to Jackson, Mississippi. Soon after the start of the march, Meredith got shot and injured. When they heard about the shooting, Martin Luther King Jr., Stokely Carmichael, Cleveland Sellers and Floyd McKissick, decided to continue the march on Meredith’s behalf. Many people, both black and white, came from the South and all parts of the country to participate in the honorable march. Once in Greenwood, Mississippi, Carmichael was arrested and held for several hours. He later rejoined the marchers where they had set up camp to begin their night rally. Carmichael then took the stage and presented his “Black Power” speech. Throughout his speech, Carmichael protested that his people could no longer count on the support and/or help from the white man, and that blacks had to fight this battle on their own. “Black Power became a rallying cry heard by blacks far beyond Mississippi.” This aroused many people because it allowed them to finally express those feelings that they understood and agreed with. For example, Linda Bryant Hall, a member of Chicago’s CORE, spoke about the appeal of

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