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orian Literary Essay Are you an only child with separated parents? Have you not seen one of your parents for a long period of time? If you answer yes, then you can empathize with Vita. The story 'Helen on Eight-sixth Street' by Wendi Kaufman is a realistic fiction story about a girl named Vita, who has to deal with external conflicts and her own inner turmoil. The external conflict is losing the part of Helen of Troy to the popular girl, Helen. Her inner turmoil is wanting her wayward father and the effect it has had on her. Vita's father has been gone for three years and she clings to the hope he will return. The journey to letting go of her father was a difficult one filled with physical & mental obstacles. The book's genre is realistic fiction because it talks about problems that children face during a young age, when they are naive and innocent. The book is about a girl who yearns for the presence of her father in her life . More to the end of the story, Vita learns to be strong and let go of the thought that her dad will return. He has been gone for so long that the possibility of him returning was slim to none. This book is very inspiring. It talks about the problems going on in a young girl's life as she faces inner demons. It also talks about how she dealt with them. The loss of her father has crippled her and made her stubborn. She believes that if nothing changes, her father will reappear and they would be able to continue their lives as if he never left. She even writes letters to him but keeps them in shoeboxes because she doesn't know his mail address. This is an example of the weakness instilled in her because of the absence of her father. The characters are formatted somewhat like everyday people. Helen is the beautiful and popular girl and Vita is the regular but strong girl. Unlike regular moms, Vita's mom is

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