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Civil liberties are your legal and constitutional protections formally set in the Bill of Rights. They are represented by the first Ten Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, and were ratified in 1791. (1.) Our Democracy was founded on allowing personal civil liberties. Democracy seems to be a form of government that is wanted by most people around the world. Look at what is going on in Egypt right now. I believe that you can not have a true democracy without having civil liberties for all the citizens of that country. In the US we have the right of free speech. I can say the government is wrong and should be voted out of office. In many countries around the world if I were to say this I would be put in jail or worse. Although if I were to say they should be harmed because they have views different than mine I could be jailed. So do I really have freedom of speech? I feel that this would be just and fair you should not have the right to threaten people under freedom of speech. The line on civil liberties should be drawn using a little common sense. The right to bear arm, should this give me the right to set up a machine gun on the roof of my house to protect myself and family? I would think no. The patriot act basically lets law enforcement, the FBI, etcetera, use law enforcement tools that we've been using against organized crime for going on 20 years now. It just extends it to the issue of (2). This may be true but it still seems that some of our civil liberties have been take away. Now if I have a point of view that may seem like it is anti-government by the web sites I visit the books I buy. I could now be placed on a list and not allowed to fly. On the flip side the patriot act has also prevent many American from being harmed. The patriot act is being used to investigate people who come to this country under false pretenses and who come to this country

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